Clive 4I really enjoy what I do. It’s good to know you’ve created a nice environment for a young person to live in.

Clive works with the YMCA as Handyperson and more recently as a Relief Worker in our Supported Accommodation, and has been on their team from October 2012. In his spare time he can be found tending to his lush garden, eating apples and oranges from his fruit trees and he is also a keen rugby enthusiast. At work he makes sure that all the faults and repairs are quickly dealt with in the Community Centre and that the Supported Accommodation rooms are well maintained for the young people that live there.

Clive grew up in Doncaster and moved to Aberdeenshire when he was 31 to be an area manager for Granada TV who he worked for at the time. He enjoyed his role but decided to apply for something with a little less responsibility and 14 years later he was still working for Aberdeen Council as the Janitor of a large primary school. While he was there he also coached a rugby team that focussed on developing the future talent of the youngsters.

When we asked him what he most enjoyed about his job he said, “I’ve always been good at DIY so it’s something that comes quite naturally to me, but I think it’s good to know you’ve created a nice environment for a young person to live in.

“There’s always that variety there. One day I’m a plumber, the next a joiner, the next an electrician.”

Without the hard work of Clive and others like him, the YMCA wouldn’t be the bright and well maintained place it is today, but something tells me he might do as much at home that he does at work…

“I’ve laid a new patio in the back, fitted a new kitchen and done the entire garden from scratch, but at least my wife’s happy.”

We’re sure it’s a labour of love, Clive!

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