Home Comforts

24th May 2016

book-690584Every home is different and every person has a favourite thing about being at home.

We took some time out to speak to people recently and asked them what their favourite thing was about being at home. Every person we asked smiled and answered straight away with things such as their bed, quiet time, spending time with family, a nice soak in the bath, reading a book, cooking and snuggling.

We then asked them what they would do if they didn’t have a home to be able to enjoy their favourite thing in. Their answers didn’t come so quickly and there was no smile; just puzzled faces.

Think about your favourite thing about being at home. Now, what if you couldn’t do that? What if you had no home to go to?

Think about that. Imagine no bed, no place for quiet time, no family to keep you company, no bath, nowhere to sit and read a book, nowhere to cook or even any food to cook for that matter and no dry blankets or pillows to snuggle with.

For those that have home comforts and a place to relax it’s hard to imagine, isn’t it?

For a number of young people in Doncaster this is a reality on a daily basis. No home to feel safe in or relax.

Support the work of YMCA Doncaster and let’s get more young people in a safe place to live; a place they can snuggle, have quiet time and enjoy.

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