15 March 2023

We recently received the most wonderful gift in the form of a recipe book that dates back to 1922, almost 101 years to the day.

The book is a compilation of recipes submitted by ladies in Doncaster as part of a Tudor Fayre and Bazaar held at the Corn Exchange in March 1922. It features intriguing dishes including Pancake Cutlets from Miss Depledge of Furnivall Road, Dunfillan Pudding from Mrs Taylor of Nether Hall Road and Spanish Puffs from Mrs Gill of Barnby Dun.

The book is not just a collection of recipes, but a piece of Doncaster’s history. It’s amazing to see the creativity and innovation of the ladies of Doncaster in the early 1920s.

Over 50 recipes are included, ranging from a simple ‘Brown Stew’ to Mrs Hobman’s Queen Pudding. Many include ingredients that are no longer commonly used, such as suet and lard. However, some of the recipes have stood the test of time, such as the classic Fruit Trifle submitted by Miss Mudd of 21 Oxford Place.

The recipe book is also a testament to the role of women in Doncaster’s history. In the early 1920s, women were still fighting for the right to vote on the same terms as men, and many were confined to traditional roles in the home. The book showcases the skills and creativity of the ladies of Doncaster, and provides an insight into the lives of women during this time.

We are very proud of our place in Doncaster’s history and the role we have played in the lives of young people. The last page of the book gives a summary of YMCA activities at the time, focusing on the ‘Rendezvous for Young Life’ at our Station Road building which stood next to the Grand Theatre. It also includes advertising pages for various local businesses.

We’re very pleased to share a digitised copy of the book, downloadable below, and would be delighted to see any of the recipes being recreated by local families.