I recognise and value the life-changing role this charity can play in turning people’s lives around.

Alison Fleetwood has served as a Board member of YMCA Doncaster since June 2019.

“As a once vulnerable young person myself, I recognise and value the life-changing role this charity can play in turning people’s lives around…” Alison told us.

Alison’s career has been defined by her passion for helping others so it’s no surprise that she’s ended up on our Board of Governors, using her skills and experience to help us support the vulnerable young people of Doncaster.

Born and bred in Doncaster, she started her career as a Family Support Worker before moving on to work in nurseries, schools, children centres, and youth centres in and around the town. At the time of joining our Board of Governors, Alison was a Partnership Manager for the local authority, with a lead on Youth Voice. During this time, she helped to launch the Children and Young People’s Plan, The Participation Strategy, and the re-launched Youth Council. Since then, she has been seconded into the Early Years Inclusion Team to lead two regional projects that aim to improve speech and language pathways.

Behind all this great work, Alison has a heart for reaching the local young people, and it shows: “Life can sometimes leave you at rock bottom – no one is immune to this. So I’m looking forward to supporting the expansion of offer available to young people. YMCA Doncaster provides a support system that is so crucial for young people and has the potential to carve a greater influence in the youth sector here in Doncaster.”

Alison brings a single-minded, strategic focus to the Board. “I’m confident in getting my voice heard – even if it isn’t the popular opinion,” she added.

And it seems she’s always had this go-getter attitude. She laughed as she told us how she became the first girl in her Scouts pack when she was younger: “My mum originally sent me to Brownies but it was very focused on ‘female stereotypes’ at the time with activities like cooking, cleaning and sewing. So I begged my mum to put me in Scouts instead so I could build dens, make fires and go on adventures.”

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