Please note that we only accept direct applications.  We don’t work with recruitment agencies or other third parties.

Q – How do I find out more about YMCA Doncaster?

A – The pages on this site are the best source of information about us, and are an ideal way to find out more. We’re adding to them all the time, so do check back.

Q – What makes a great job application?

A – We score job applications against the Person Specification.

Before we advertise a position, we think very carefully about the experiences and skills we will need. It’s important that you use your application to show us how you meet what we’re looking for.

Please don’t just copy and paste a standard personal statement.

Other tips

– Make sure that all sections are properly completed in the way that we’ve asked. If any part of your role’s going to involve working accurately, we need to see that you can input simple information as required.

– Don’t try and complete it all at one sitting. We know it takes a while – it takes us a long time to shortlist and test and interview too. Put the time in that it needs.

– Don’t rush your application. If there’s a closing date, we won’t be shortlisting until then. Hold onto it and use the time to proofread (or ask someone else to do that for you).

– Make sure you return your application to the person or email address given on the front of the application pack.

Q – I’ve not heard anything in response to my job application.

A – We are only able to contact shortlisted candidates. If you have not heard from us within three weeks of applying, you have not been successful.

Q – Can I get feedback on an unsuccessful application?

A – We have very limited resources and now only provide very brief feedback. 

Q – Can I reapply if I was unsuccessful?

A – Yes. We recommend that you wait a minimum of six to eight months before reapplying. Please do not re-submit the same application.

Q – Can I work different hours to those on the job information?

A – This depends on the role you’re applying for. Some of our jobs work around cover rotas – so for any job involving cover in the supported accommodation, retail, reception or as a duty manager, at least some (and possibly all) of your hours will be dictated by that cover rota.

We try to identify any flexibility available on the job information for each position.

In other cases, if you’re not involved in a cover rota we may be able to be more flexible.  Cleaning, maintenance, office support and some (but not all) project work jobs will have some flexibility. That will generally be indicated in the individual job information.

We advise you to contact us in advance if you wish to check on a particular pattern or alternative before applying.

Flexibility at the application stage does not affect any right to request flexible working which may arise during the course of your employment.

Q – I’m having trouble with providing referees.

A – You must be able to provide us appropriate referees (a minimum of two, and a minimum of three years’ employment history). This is part of the application process. We understand that a previous employer may be no longer operating. If that’s the case, please explain this clearly on your application.

Q – Is the YMCA a National Charity?

A – YMCA Doncaster is a part of the international YMCA Movement, but every YMCA is separate. That means that we’re all different, and at Doncaster we’re responsible for everything we do here including governance, finance and policy issues. There is no ‘head office’ or body that sits above us; we’re a totally independent charity. If you come to work for us, you’ll be employed by YMCA Doncaster.

Q – Do you have a policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders?

A – Yes. We request relevant information at the application form stage.  We use a risk-based approach to consider all information in full prior to considering an appointment.  Full information – date(s), offence(s) and sentence(s) – is usually required prior to the start of a job interview.

An offence disclosed by an applicant will not always lead to refusal of employment. Further information is included on the job application form.

All paid positions require a DBS check at the appropriate level. We expect this to confirm that information provided by the candidate is correct and complete.

Q – Are the positions open to overseas applicants?

A – We are happy to consider any candidate who meets the requirements of our Person Specification and has a legal right to work in the UK.  We should note, however, that we are not usually able to support travel or other costs incurred during the recruitment process.

Q – Can I have an application pack sent out in the post?

A – We are currently accepting applications online only.