Reverse Advent Calendar 2019

In support of the teenagers who’ll be living at YMCA Doncaster this Christmas, we’re asking local people to collect items for a Reverse Advent Calendar and spend a few moments each day considering those less fortunate.

It’s very straightforward; we’ve provided a printable calendar (click here to download yours), and all you need to do is add one item each day to a Christmas box. We’re happy for you to do this at home with your family, or with colleagues at work. Make your box as Christmassy as you want to. You might even decide to team up with friends and agree on a prize for the best decorated box!

Filled boxes can be brought to the YMCA in Wood Street any time before 24th December at 11am. We’re open 9-5 most weekdays, and until 10pm on Tuesday evenings.  For a full list of opening times, please click here.

If you start after 1st December or finish before 24th, we’re fine with that and grateful for whatever you bring. And you can substitute items if you need to, so long as they’re sealed, within use by dates and don’t need refrigeration.

Advent donations received by 20th December will be used as part of our Christmas celebrations for young people at the YMCA. Things we receive later will be used to kick off our food parcel provisions for 2020.

If you prefer to support our work with Doncaster’s young people in a different way, please click here for some other great ideas.

We’d love you to tweet as you collect things for your Reverse Advent Calendar. Remember to tag us @ymcadoncaster and we’ll retweet your pics.


YMCA Doncaster Welcomes New Board Members

Following our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 21st November, we are pleased to announce that five new members will be joining our Board.

YMCA Doncaster is an independent registered charity and a registered provider of social housing, based on Wood Street in the town. Our work focuses on young adults aged 16–25.

Our Board is made up of people who are elected for a three year term and those who are co-opted for up to one year.

We are pleased to announce that Stuart Green and Alison Leeming have been elected for a three year term, alongside Laura Costa, Helen Duncan and Hannah Sanders, who have been co-opted for one year.

Louise Roffey, Chief Executive said: “As we approach the beginning of a very exciting year, I am pleased to welcome several individuals who will be joining YMCA Doncaster’s Board.

Their addition to the Board will help to better position the association as a leader in services to young people in Doncaster. These new trustees add to our existing Board and will be key in implementing the Forward Plan for the coming year, and into our future.”

More information about YMCA Doncaster’s Board Members can be found here.


Secret Santa

Secret Santa CampaignIt’s Christmas time. Your colleague is handing out folded up pieces of paper around the office. Suddenly it’s your turn. This is the bit you dread. You take a deep breath and open the paper up to reveal a name.

It’s Karen from the Finance department. You’ve spoken to Karen a few times over the photocopier. But you don’t really know anything about her personally.

So how are you going to get her a great Secret Santa gift?

You could go down the chocolates route. That’s a safe bet. Everyone likes chocolates. You could even give her a gift voucher so she can choose something for herself.

But how about getting really creative with your gift giving this Christmas? Suggest to your co-workers that you all take part in giving gifts that are exclusively bought from YMCA Doncaster’s Charity Shop.

So what are the benefits in taking part in our campaign?

Great Choice

There is a fantastic range of items in our Charity Shop that will make perfect presents for everyone. We stock a great selection of clothing & accessories, furniture, vinyl & CDs, DVDs, board games and books.

Great Value

You get great value for money on items that would cost you much more from a major named retailer. We often get items donated which are brand new and in their original packaging.

Unique and Unusual Gifts

By shopping in our charity shop, people are less likely to end up with novelty socks or a standard box of smellies. Not only that, but you can have much more fun with your gift giving and avoid the crowds on the High Street at the same time.

Supporting YMCA Doncaster and your Local Community

Every penny raised in our Charity Shop goes directly into supporting young people in Doncaster. Simply by shopping with us, you could be responsible for ensuring a young person is safe and warm this Christmas.

Set a Budget

Come up with a budget that everybody has to stick to. Setting a £5 spending limit is a great way of increasing the challenge.

Be prepared to have a Good Rummage

Our charity shop is full of great items; ensure you make the most of this by browsing the clothing rails and shelves thoroughly before making a purchase. The hidden gems aren’t always in plain sight but, it is worthwhile when you find them!

Have Fun

Focus on items that will be a good laugh at the Christmas party, but could always be donated again afterwards in order to raise more funds for YMCA Doncaster!

So have we tempted you to get involved in our #SecretSantaCampaign? Get yourself down to our charity shop on Wood Street to take a look at the bargains we have on offer!

Please check here for opening times throughout December and the Christmas period.


Trustees’ Week

Board 300x300This week is National Trustees’ Week. It is an annual event to celebrate the contribution of trustees and highlight the opportunities for people from all backgrounds to get involved and make a difference.

Being a Board Member at YMCA Doncaster can be a rewarding way to make a contribution to our community. It’s a way to share your knowledge and expertise and gain valuable skills as well as life experiences at the same time.

YMCA Doncaster’s Board is made up of people who are elected for a three year term and those who are co-opted for up to one year.

Our current Board includes retired and working age people from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have prior knowledge of trusteeship whilst for others; YMCA Doncaster is their first experience of a governance role. We have a strong culture of learning, both about particular issues facing the organisation and about governance topics in general.

All of our Board Members use their wisdom and experience to support YMCA Doncaster to achieve our Mission, Vision and Values, which makes a real difference to young lives here in the town.

Our Board primarily focus on the policies and strategic plans of the YMCA, and on ensuring that those are developing appropriately.

From time to time, there are a number of other options for Board Members to be involved in the life of YMCA Doncaster. Young people particularly appreciate the involvement of the Board at presentation evenings and other events.

Our Board usually meet once every two to three months on a weekday evening for around two to three hours. The meetings are generally planned well in advance and Board Members receive background papers and reports around a week prior to the meeting.

Louise Roffey, Chief Excecutive of YMCA Doncaster said: “As it is Trustees’ Week, we would like to thank our current Board Members for all the work they do for YMCA Doncaster and the young people we support. We would also like to encourage more local people to apply to become part of our Board of Trustees.

In committing themselves to the YMCA in this way, they would be following in a long tradition of lay leadership, which goes back almost 160 years. We hope that local people will consider joining us and helping us to be as proud of our future as we are of our history.”

If you think you have what it takes to make a real difference to the lives of young people in Doncaster then why not consider joining us?

To find out more about becoming a member of the Board here at YMCA Doncaster, please take a look at our website by clicking here, where you will find an information pack and application form to download.


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