YMCA Doncaster Celebrates National Trustees’ Week

Board 300x300This week is National Trustees’ Week. It is an annual event to celebrate the contribution of trustees and highlight the opportunities for people from all backgrounds to get involved and make a difference.

Being a Board Member at YMCA Doncaster can be a rewarding way to make a contribution to our community. It’s a way to share your knowledge and expertise and gain valuable skills as well as life experiences at the same time.

YMCA Doncaster’s Board is made up of people who are elected for a three year term and those who are co-opted for up to one year.

Our current Board includes retired and working age people from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have prior knowledge of trusteeship whilst for others, YMCA Doncaster is their first experience of a governance role. We have a strong culture of learning, both about particular issues facing the organisation and about governance topics in general.

All of our Board Members use their wisdom and experience to support YMCA Doncaster to achieve our Mission, Vision and Values, which makes a real difference to young lives here in the town.

Our Board primarily focus on the policies and strategic plans of the YMCA, and on ensuring that those are developing appropriately.

From time to time, there are a number of other options for Board Members to be involved in the life of YMCA Doncaster. Young people particularly appreciate the involvement of the Board at presentation evenings and other events.

Our Board usually meet once every two to three months on a weekday evening for around two to three hours. The meetings are generally planned well in advance and Board Members receive background papers and reports around a week prior to the meeting.

Louise Roffey, Chief Excecutive of YMCA Doncaster said: “As it is Trustees’ Week, we would like to thank our current Board Members for all the work they do for YMCA Doncaster and the young people we support. We would also like to encourage more local people to apply to become part of our Board of Trustees.

In committing themselves to the YMCA in this way, they would be following in a long tradition of lay leadership, which goes back almost 160 years. We hope that local people will consider joining us and helping us to be as proud of our future as we are of our history.”

If you think you have what it takes to make a real difference to the lives of young people in Doncaster then why not consider joining us?

To find out more about becoming a member of the Board here at YMCA Doncaster, please take a look at our website by clicking here, where you will find an information pack and application form to download.


Festival Fashion for Men

accessory-984072We’ve all seen the mass of lists in magazines and on the internet of must have festival fashion pieces and festival tips for women, but what about tips for men? Festival fashion tips for men just don’t seem as readily available.

That is until now!

Let’s face it, we all want to wear comfortable clothing to aid our festival fun and that is all well and good, but have you thought about the chances of scoring a date whilst there?

Rocking your festival gear could play a part in bagging yourself a hot date or sitting in soggy, mud clad clothes on your own.

It doesn’t have to break the bank to look good. Forget designer gear that will be ruined with drink splatters and mud smatters. Think bargain. Think cool vintage items that can be found in places like the YMCA charity shop on Wood Street, Doncaster.

Here is our list of key fashion pieces you should think about packing:

Wellies – You need to keep your feet dry, so we are talking waterproof and wipe able. Canvas shoes just won’t cut it so forget your Vans and Converse and think wellies. With an array of colours and styles, wellies are now fashionable as well as practical and are the in thing for festival goers.

T-Shirt – You are going to a festival so what better way to rock out than in a band t-shirt. If you want to get away from the cliché of high street band t-shirts why not go for a vintage one and really rock in style. Band t-shirts not your thing? Then perhaps think about a nautical themed t-shirt to really draw the eye of a potential date.

Shirt – A long sleeved shirt would be ideal, as sleeves can be rolled up if you are too hot or rolled down when it gets chilly. Forget the usual office style shirt and go for something with a little more character. Perhaps choose one with a ‘granddad collar’ or a boldly patterned shirt. Most importantly of all don’t wear nylon shirts as they lead to lots of sweating!

Hoodie – Nights can get quite chilly after you have been sunning yourself all day. Take a hoodie to keep you warm in the evenings. If you get too hot you can tie it around your waist. Either keep it in line with your band t-shirt or go for a contrasting block colour.

Shorts – Forget denim. When it gets wet denim can become uncomfortable to wear and takes a long time to dry. Think along the lines of smart cargo type shorts or bang on trend maxi sweat shorts; both are quick to dry should they get wet. Think block colour shorts so that you can mix and match with your patterned shirts and t-shirts.

Hat – Forget the chicken hat (or at least wait until the last evening to whip the funny hat out) and think about purchasing a hat that will keep the sun off your head. Take some time to pick the right hat to suit you. If in doubt, opt for a bandana, which will stop the sun from burning your head and will aid in hiding un-coiffed hair.

Cagoule –These nifty little rain proof coats in a pocket are not as geeky as you think. They are lightweight, practical and come in a variety of styles and colours to suit any taste. Have some fun and play around with them to see what style suits you.

Bag – You will need a bag to keep your valuables and water bottles in. Remember that there can be a lot of walking from stage to stage. The drawstring bag is a big deal in the fashion industry at the moment and has made a comeback. The best thing about these types of bags is the low cost.

Time is running out to bag your bargain festival wear. Get down to the YMCA charity shop on Wood Street to grab your last minute items. Click here for our charity shop opening times.

We hope that you enjoy the festival. Remember to let us know if any of these tips came in handy by tweeting us @YMCADoncaster.


Festival ‘Ditch and Pack’ Tips

Stock Image

Festival season is here. With Glastonbury just a few days away we are on hand with our festival ‘ditch and pack’ tips to get you ready.

We recommend that you ignore the term ‘festival fashion’. Rid your mind of wearing flip-flops. Think more along the lines of practical items such as wellies and cagoules. We are in Britain after all; the land of four seasons in one day!

Ditch the Designer Gear
– Festivals are certainly not the place for your prized possessions, unless of course you want them covered in beer and splattered with mud. You won’t be able to relax and enjoy the festival experience if you are concerned about your designer jeans or your new white trainers. So, leave your best clothes at home.

Pack Charity Shop Bargains – Get yourself down to the YMCA charity shop on Wood Street and pick yourself up some bargain festival gear that you won’t mind getting covered in mud.

Ditch the Denim
– When it gets wet denim can become uncomfortable to wear and takes a long time to dry.

Pack Leggings and Tights – They are easier to dry than denim and can be worn under dresses should it get cold, or rolled up and put in your bag if it gets too warm.

Ditch the Flip-flops
– Remember that there can be quite a bit of walking from stage to stage and there is a possibility of trampled toes. Flip-flops wouldn’t be the most comfortable footwear.

Pack Your Wellies – They are waterproof and will help you to avoid mud squelching through your toes!

Ditch the Bin Liner
– Many people forget to take a waterproof coat to festivals, especially when it looks like it is going to be good weather, and then end up wearing a makeshift poncho from a bin liner.

Pack a Cagoule – Nifty little rain proof coats in a pocket, what else could you ask for? They hardly take up any space. Better safe than sorry.

Ditch the Big Bag
– You don’t want to be stuck holding a big bag when you want to enjoy the music and have a dance. Just carry the essentials with you.

Pack a Bum Bag – They are no longer an uncool thing of the 80s, bum bags are the in thing at festivals now. They allow you to carry around your essential items such as money and your phone, but allow you to have your hands free to enjoy the music and wave that glow stick in the air!

Ditch the Cold
– It can get chilly at night, especially if it has been warm during the day. So make sure you think about packing something to keep you warm. It’s all about layers.

Pack a Hoodie – You can use a hoodie to layer up. It will keep you warm and can be flung over the top of your day wear at night. If you get too hot, you can tie it around your waist.

Ditch the Floppy Hat
– They can be a nuisance and often fall off or the big brims can get in the way of your own viewing pleasure.

Pack a Bandana – They are great at keeping the sun from burning your head and they hide unsightly greasy hair!

Make sure you are festival ready and have packed well.

Forgotten those last minute festival clothing essentials but don’t want to pay a fortune for them? Nip down to the YMCA charity shop on Wood Street, Doncaster to see what we have in stock.

Click here to see our charity shop opening times.


National Volunteers’ Week 2016

VolunteerGraphicThis year National Volunteers’ Week has been extended and will run from 1st June until 12th June, which gives us more time to show our appreciation to our volunteers.

We aim to use this week to thank all our volunteers who give their time, experience, talent and devotion to help support the work we do with vulnerable young people.

Whatever role our volunteers take on with us, every moment they spend here contributes to some of Doncaster’s most difficult young lives.

We want our Volunteers to know that they are valued and that their dedication and compassion to our work is an inspiration.

What Do Our Volunteers Do?

Our Volunteers take on a wide range of roles to support young people and our Association. They include:

Board Members – who dedicate their time and experience to lead our work; focusing on policies and strategic plans of YMCA Doncaster, and ensuring that those are developing appropriately.

Charity Shop Volunteers – who are involved in the day to day running of the YMCA Charity Shop; helping out with customers, sorting donations as they come in, preparing clothing and furniture for sale, creating displays and lending a hand with collections and clearances.

Sleep Easy Participants – who take part in the annual YMCA sponsored sleep out that aims to raise awareness of homelessness and raise funds to support our work.

This year we have also seen a rise in what we have dubbed “online volunteers”. These volunteers are those that share our social media posts on their own pages and amongst their family and friends. Those that help to promote us online are valuable as it enables information about our services get to even more people.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Many people of all ages, talents and skills give their time to us and here is the difference they make:

• Sleep Easy participants raised over £2,500 in March 2016. These funds will go directly to the work we do with vulnerable Young People in providing support with finding a home and leading a responsible adult life.

• Board Members make the lives of Young People better by providing support to our staff team in terms of strategic planning and policy development that aim to make a safe and welcoming environment for our resident clients to live.

• Volunteers allow us to run our Charity Shop successfully; with every penny raised going directly to support our work with young people in Doncaster.

• Volunteers bring a fresh perspective and energy to our work. Their motivation to support us makes them committed and valuable members of the team.

How Can People Get Involved With Our Work?

There are many opportunities for people to get involved in our work, on a volunteer basis. For more information please click here.

If you would personally like to thank one of our volunteers, please let us know by emailing duty@doncasterymca.org.uk


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