Hannah Sanders has served as a Board Member at YMCA Doncaster since November 2019.

Born in Manchester, Hannah moved to Sheffield to attend university in 2014 and never left! She currently works for a large housing association at which she is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator.

“I have a degree in journalism, so that’s kind of my path to where I am now. I was drawn to this, not only because of my love of writing, but also my admiration for Kate Adie. I was inspired by her work and knew that I wanted to use my love of writing and storytelling to help change the world and make it a better place.”

Hannah’s first job was in a coffee shop in Manchester Piccadilly Station. This job not only provided her with transferable skills, it also reinforced her love of coffee!

“Working a café is a busy and stressful environment and when you are serving coffee to people running for their trains, you have to work together to be quick! I also learned how to communicate with the general public in a way I never had before.”

When asked why Hannah was attracted to the role of Board Member she replied:

“I wanted to be part of YMCA Doncaster’s board so I could learn about others faith and what it means to them. Along with how others use their kindness, selflessness, hope and voices to speak out for those who need it most.”

In her spare time Hannah can be found painting, drawing or taking photographs:

“I’ve always been creative, so any chance I get that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ve recently started using film cameras and I am loving experimenting with new techniques.

If you’d like to consider joining our Board, please click here for information.

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