Helen Duncan has served as a Board Member of YMCA Doncaster since April 2019.

Born in Grimsby, Helen now lives in Hull and works as Senior Development Manager at the University of Sheffield.

Helen’s first job was at the tender age of 13, when she had a paper round. Another early job as a teenager was at an amusement arcade in Withernsea.

“The first shift I worked at the arcade was 14 hours long. I cried myself to sleep as my feet hurt so much. Many people in this country work long, physically tiring hours and whilst I do a lot of travelling for work, I am mostly in a warm office which is a luxury I never take for granted.”

Helen is no stranger to serving as a Board Member, and currently serves on the Board of another local charity. Helen was attracted to the role of Board Member here at YMCA Doncaster as she ‘believes all young people deserve the same chances regardless of background’.

“I don’t want to see young people struggle to just survive, they should have the chance to thrive and organisations such as YMCA Doncaster can help when someone is without the most basic things we take for granted, shelter. But it’s so much more than that, they help explore potential, learn and grow.”

Helen is excited about being involved in shaping the plans for the future of YMCA Doncaster.

“It is run by a truly dedicated and passionate team of staff and while the role of trustee is to ensure they are delivering a good service, I also feel it is to be supportive and available as a sounding board.”

In her spare time Helen likes to train and take part in marathons;

“I am especially proud of my first marathon medal. I started running after my third child was born in 2016 and could only run a minute at a time before needing to rest. To complete 26.2 miles without walking at all, only two years later, was something I didn’t think possible. Sometimes the mind tells us something is unachievable and out of our reach when it really isn’t.

If you’d like to consider joining our Board, please click here for information.

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