We are always in need of items to help our Supported Accommodation clients during their time at the YMCA, and when they’re setting up their first home on their own.

The following things are very useful to the young people we work with, many of whom have little or no income.

Donations can be left with staff in our accommodation (entrance around the back) at any time.  Please note that we can only accept food that is packaged, in date and doesn’t need refrigeration. 

We’re very grateful for your support!


We’d be very grateful for any of the products below, either separately or made up into your own food parcel for us to distribute.
Please note that we can only accept food that’s in date and doesn’t need refrigeration.

Tinned baked beans, ravioli or spaghetti
Instant noodles
Packets of dry pasta in sauce
Jars of pasta sauce
Packet mixes for casserole / chilli etc
Sandwich spread / potted meat
Tinned meat or tuna
Tinned hot dogs
Tinned meatballs
Tinned pies
Tinned puddings
Tinned custard
Rice pudding
Tinned potatoes
Tinned tomatoes
Tinned vegetables
Gravy granules
Tinned fruit
Pot Noodles
Dried mashed potato
Breakfast cereal
UHT milk
Cereal bars
Packets of biscuits
Packets of crisps
Instant coffee
Long-life fruit juice
Instant hot chocolate
Microwave popcorn
Chocolate bars

We also appreciate things like salt and pepper, herbs and spices, stock cubes and brown sauce / ketchup.


Welcome Packs / Other Items (New or in Great Condition)

Dinner plates
Cereal bowls
Side plates
Frying pans
Cutlery (table knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons)
Washing up liquid
Pan scourers
Shower gel, bath gel or bubble bath
Bath bombs
Washing powder tablets
Sanitary towels etc
Toilet rolls
Shampoo and conditioner
Face wash
Shaving gel
Flannels and sponges
Toiletry sets
Tea towels


We Don’t Accept

We are not able to accept cigarettes and similar, candles or anything that might pose a danger to a vulnerable young person.


We’re very grateful for your support!