The place quickly grew on me! I really like to see the transformation from before to after.

Gillian is one part of the cleaning duo at YMCA Doncaster and started work with us early in 2012.

When not at work she loves to be outside and has been working on a personal project developing her partner’s plot of land and doing “extreme gardening”, but at work, she and her counterpart are responsible for the cleaning of both the Community Centre and the Supported Accommodation building, including the deep cleaning of rooms after one client has left so it can be used by another young person in need.

She was born in Doncaster and still lives in the same village she grew up in. She started her career as a professional cleaner working at a local Doctors’ surgery and also at a secondary school. Then she joined the YMCA, and she’s never looked back!

“When I first started at the YMCA I just thought I’d see how things went, but the place quickly grew on me. The people and the atmosphere here are different, but definitely in a good way!

“It’s relaxed but we all know we’ve got a job to do and we’re left to get on and plan things out for ourselves. I love getting thrown in at the deep end sometimes; it gives me the opportunity to use my skills and show people what I can do, and I really like to see the transformation from before to after when I’ve turned a room around.”

Gillian clearly likes a challenge and works extremely hard contributing towards the smooth running of the YMCA, and you never know she might have a treat lined up for the staff one day.

“From being six to 13 I was a majorette, spinning all the sticks and I can still do it! I might treat everyone to a show one day.”

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