The most rewarding thing, by far, is knowing how our staff and volunteers are helping children and young people to see their strengths and believe in a bright future.

Louise is our Chief Executive and began working for YMCA Doncaster in the summer of 1999.

Born in Goole, Louise always saw Doncaster as somewhere to go when she felt the need for a bit of glamour and excitement. When she saw the role at YMCA Doncaster advertised she felt it was perfect.

Louise began her working life on a supermarket deli, cutting cheese and weighing ham:

“I was there when they introduced the ‘choose your own pizza’ range, which was revolutionary at the time. I think it’s the only job where I’ve ever had to wear a hat.”

Louise began her time with the Association when she started volunteering for her local YMCA:

“I had a friend who’d done a one year ‘Time for God’ placement at another YMCA. They used to go on and on about how marvellous it was, and they really emphasised the huge feeling of belonging and community. Eventually, they wore me down and I started volunteering for the YMCA near me.”

Louise worked at two other YMCAs before Doncaster, gaining lots of experience in many areas. One of her roles was as Programme Manager, running lots of children’s and youth activities including a daytime club for 64 children every day during school holidays.

Now Chief Executive, Louise states her role is a ‘real mixed bag’ – mostly behind the scenes and with a lot of forward planning, finance work, project management and all of the governance and policies that give YMCA Doncaster a strong framework. Louise also has some particular responsibilities for Communications / Fundraising activities and overseeing HR functions.

When asked what the most rewarding thing about her role is Louise answered:

“The most rewarding thing, by far, is knowing how much our staff and volunteers are helping children and young people to see their strengths and believe in a bright future.  I also love working with a bunch of people who are genuinely committed to everything we do.”

When Louise was young she had a period of time when she decided she was Rupert Bear and insisted on being addressed as Rupert. She can play piano a bit and she won’t ever let the staff team forget that she was Humberside Junior Entertainer of the Year.

In her spare time she can be found writing short fiction, enjoying her own happy ever after with Mike and chatting about her dog Arthur:

“I bang on about Arthur to anyone who will listen; he’d been picked up as a stray and we found him at a local rescue centre. He lives for balls and biscuits, and it’s good for me to have someone in my life who takes pleasure in such simple things.”

If you’d like to join us in our efforts to have a positive impact on the vulnerable young people of Doncaster, then take a look at our current vacancies