When I first started working here it was the beginning of a new era for me. Now I never want to leave!

Stacey is the Accommodation Manager for YMCA Doncaster.

She started working for us in 2009 as an Assistant Manager and soon progressed to become our Accommodation Manager – a role that’s “a completely mixed bag!”

“One minute I can be managing the staff and residents within the accommodation, delivering training, or supervising our Keyworkers, and the next I can be behind the scenes collating data,” Stacey laughed. “Every day is different.” She also enjoys working more strategically on larger projects. But her favourite thing about the role is that it allows her to see the bigger picture of the resident’s growth: “they’re resilient and able to make progress despite all that they’re up against. It’s so good to see.”

Stacey grew up in Rotherham but moved to Doncaster in 2008 for her work with a computer supply company. It wasn’t long before the YMCA snapped her up.

“When I first started working here it was the beginning of a new era for me. I was really happy because I’d been looking for something more meaningful, but as time went on, I really fell in love with the people here and started to take on more responsibility.” Now she’s a true YMCA Doncaster fan: “I never want to leave! I love it here!”

Perhaps the only thing she loves more is the Victorian era: books, antique shopping, beach combing, and especially the architecture: “Living in a Victorian townhouse would be the dream,” she said.

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