Last Hour’s Pay

9th December 2019

“The first day, when … the door closed, I burst into tears. It was a bit of relief …”

When the door closes for the first time, there are usually tears. Those tears are tears of relief, but they can be tainted with a little fear too; fear of the unknown.

Young people arriving at YMCA Doncaster often come from an unsettled background and fear of the unknown is a common feeling for them. Not knowing where they will be sleeping on a night or even when they will eat next.

You can make that first hour of a young person’s life at YMCA Doncaster a little easier, and a little more settled, by donating your last hour’s pay today.

Your donation could provide a welcome pack to help them settle, a warm cuppa, food for their bellies or a soft pillow to rest their head.

The last hour of your working day this year could be the first hour of a happier future for a vulnerable young person who had nowhere else to go. 

Take the time today to donate your last hour’s pay.

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