Lee-Ann’s history with the Association spans over 15 years.

Having originally started working for YMCA Doncaster back in 2004 as Receptionist, Lee-Ann was promoted to PA to the Chief Executive and took on other roles alongside, such as Children’s Activity Leader, Duty Manager and Keyworker.

In 2009, Lee-Ann was offered a position within a national housing association “Having worked for a local charity, I was intrigued by the national charity and, looking back, I thought that it would offer me more. I was wrong!”

Lee-Ann felt something was missing in her work life and moved around for the next 5 years trying to find a position in which she felt comfortable but still felt challenged by. 

After having her first baby, who was very premature, Lee-Ann felt she needed to take a step back from working full time until he was older, “I gave up my full time position and began to look for a part time role. That’s when I had a chat to the Chief Executive at YMCA Doncaster, who I had kept in touch with, and she told me to take a look at a Relief role.”

The Relief role fitted perfectly with Lee-Ann’s new family “I took on the new role, and immediately fell back in love with working at YMCA Doncaster. It really did feel like I was back at home and as soon as a full time position came up, I applied straight away!”

Lee-Ann was born and raised in Doncaster, where she currently lives with her husband and two children.

Her very first job saw Lee-Ann having to dress in a giant panda costume, stand at the side of the road and wave at cars in aid of promoting a local furniture shop “It was freezing in the suit in winter and too hot in the summer. The overhead part of the costume was very itchy and I developed a rash all over my face!”

Soon after that, Lee-Ann became a counter assistant at a Fish and Chip shop where she would stay for 8 years whilst she finished school and college, only leaving when she moved to Scarborough to attend university. “It was hard work, but I had such a great and supportive boss that it didn’t seem much of a chore going to work.”

Lee-Ann studied performing arts at college and university which she feels has helped her with her position today “My current role involves meeting new people and telling them about the great work we do here at YMCA Doncaster. I am passionate about what we do and sometimes I talk very quickly. I have to remember my diction and speech classes and the techniques I learned to ensure I slow myself down!”

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