Elizabeth Ann Gray
Miss Elizabeth Ann Gray has served on the Board here at YMCA Doncaster since 2011.

Ann was born in Doncaster, where she still lives. Her first job following her studies was as an English Teacher:

“I didn’t actually want to be a teacher. I had a passion for English Literature and wanted to continue studying it, but that wasn’t an option. I thought the only other option was to teach it. I quickly realised how interesting teaching was and how interesting working with young people was too.”

Continuing with her chosen career, she became Head of Department and then Deputy Head Teacher.

With her understanding, knowledge and passion for the education sector Ann became an active member of the Teacher’s Union, which is now known as ATL. This role saw her become involved at a national and international level and serving as the National President twice.

“At the time I was involved with the union, we were working towards the recognition of women; working towards greater opportunities for women in education and indeed employment.”

Never able to shy away from others’ problems, Ann went on to serve on a number of committees including BASH (Bentley Association for Supported Help) and The Diocese of Sheffield’s Board of Faith and Justice.

“I have always been interested in the way that people on committees work together; how different personalities can impact on each other and how that can affect and benefit the future work of the organisations they represent.”

Although Ann spent a lot of time away from her home town due to her studies, employment and work for ATL, she has always maintained a strong link with Doncaster, eventually coming back to live here full time once she retired.

Having a strong Christian faith, Ann was attracted to the YMCA because of its Christian basis;

“I am impressed by the staff and Board’s commitment to the Christian ethos and the genuine commitment to the duty to serve other people.”

Ann has a wealth of experience and knowledge at all levels of working with young people in the community; she is passionate about improving opportunities.

“I am interested and excited by the individual support that YMCA Doncaster offers to clients to try and help them progress and understand how they can develop, whether that is in education, training, employment or how to manage their money better; areas that people do need support in”

She hopes that the work of YMCA Doncaster will continue to grow and reach out to more people, as she feels the need for the work we do is greater than ever.

If you’d like to consider joining our Board, please click here for information.

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