Secret Santa

29th November 2018

Secret Santa CampaignIt’s Christmas time. Your colleague is handing out folded up pieces of paper around the office. Suddenly it’s your turn. This is the bit you dread. You take a deep breath and open the paper up to reveal a name.

It’s Karen from the Finance department. You’ve spoken to Karen a few times over the photocopier. But you don’t really know anything about her personally.

So how are you going to get her a great Secret Santa gift?

You could go down the chocolates route. That’s a safe bet. Everyone likes chocolates. You could even give her a gift voucher so she can choose something for herself.

But how about getting really creative with your gift giving this Christmas? Suggest to your co-workers that you all take part in giving gifts that are exclusively bought from YMCA Doncaster’s Charity Shop.

So what are the benefits in taking part in our campaign?

Great Choice

There is a fantastic range of items in our Charity Shop that will make perfect presents for everyone. We stock a great selection of clothing & accessories, furniture, vinyl & CDs, DVDs, board games and books.

Great Value

You get great value for money on items that would cost you much more from a major named retailer. We often get items donated which are brand new and in their original packaging.

Unique and Unusual Gifts

By shopping in our charity shop, people are less likely to end up with novelty socks or a standard box of smellies. Not only that, but you can have much more fun with your gift giving and avoid the crowds on the High Street at the same time.

Supporting YMCA Doncaster and your Local Community

Every penny raised in our Charity Shop goes directly into supporting young people in Doncaster. Simply by shopping with us, you could be responsible for ensuring a young person is safe and warm this Christmas.

Set a Budget

Come up with a budget that everybody has to stick to. Setting a £5 spending limit is a great way of increasing the challenge.

Be prepared to have a Good Rummage

Our charity shop is full of great items; ensure you make the most of this by browsing the clothing rails and shelves thoroughly before making a purchase. The hidden gems aren’t always in plain sight but, it is worthwhile when you find them!

Have Fun

Focus on items that will be a good laugh at the Christmas party, but could always be donated again afterwards in order to raise more funds for YMCA Doncaster!

So have we tempted you to get involved in our #SecretSantaCampaign? Get yourself down to our charity shop on Wood Street to take a look at the bargains we have on offer!

Please check here for opening times throughout December and the Christmas period.

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