Please note that our supported accommodation is available to young people aged 18 to 30 with support needs.

Accommodation and Support for young people aged 18 to 30

We have a great supported accommodation service for young men and women in Doncaster.

Are you aged 18 to 30 and looking for single-person accommodation in Doncaster town centre?

• At the YMCA, you’ll have your own fully furnished bedroom and kitchen area.

• We’ll provide bedlinen, kitchen utensils and shared access to a bathroom and laundry.

• We’re conveniently based in the town centre, close to all the shops and services.

• People living here tell us that the rooms are “safe and secure”.

Are you willing to work with our staff to progress with your personal goals?

• We’ll respect your past and help you plan a positive future.

• You need to be able to live in a drug-free, alcohol-free environment.

• You need to be able and willing to engage in support and making progress.

• A support worker will work with you to develop your personal goals and agree on a plan to help you achieve them.

• People living here tell us that the support service helps to develop “health, wealth and happiness”.

If you want to apply to be part of our Supported Accommodation Programme

We have a straightforward Needs Assessment and Application which each person needs to complete.

You can select one of the buttons on this page to apply. Or


To apply online using your phone / computer, Click Here

For a printable application form, Click Here

If you’re using the printable form, please bring or post it to Accommodation Applications, YMCA Doncaster, 31 Wood Street, Doncaster, DN1 3LH – or send a scanned version to

If posting, it’s really important to address it to ‘Accommodation Applications’ so it gets to the right person quickly.


We also take up references and invite each person for a relaxed interview. This is to be sure that the service can meet your needs.  We’re doing our interviews via a video-chat at present.

In order to qualify for accommodation at YMCA you will need to
– be in the age range 18-30
– be in need of housing-related support
– be able to demonstrate an ability and willingness to engage fully with support provision and take responsibility for working towards agreed goals
– be capable of a basic degree of independent living
– be without the resources, support and/or ability to find their own solution to their housing needs elsewhere

You will usually need to have a local connection to Doncaster. We can consider people without a local connection on a case by case basis, but those with a local connection will always be given priority.

We are not able to offer accommodation to people who
– are unable to demonstrate an ability and willingness to engage fully with the support provision and take responsibility for working towards agreed goals
– have the resources, support and/or ability to find their own solution to their housing needs elsewhere
– require a level of supervision or support incompatible with that which is available
– provide insufficient information to enable an offer of accommodation to be considered
– would present a significant risk to other clients or to staff, or a level of risk to themselves requiring more supervision or support than the YMCA can offer
– have a known history of violent, abusive or racist behaviour
– need staff involvement in administration of medication
– have exceptional circumstances preventing selection

Assessing and Prioritising Your Application
Following your interview, at least two staff members will be involved in assessing your application and looking at your risk assessment.
If we agree that the service is appropriate for you, we can usually offer you a place straight away. If not, we will include you on our waiting list and let you know how long we expect your wait to be.
If we have more than one person on our waiting list when a room becomes available, we will prioritise based on support need, housing need and the need to establish a balanced community.

If you are offered a place in the Supported Accommodation, you will be responsible for engaging with the support service, keeping your room clean, tidy and safe and complying with safety and behaviour policies including responsibility for visitors.
Clients each have their own keys and can come and go as they wish, although we do require that the YMCA is your primary home. Appropriate numbers of visitors are welcome during the daytime but not late at night or for overnight stays. We operate a drug-free, alcohol-free environment. All of those things ensure that we have a harmonious community.

The full cost of the service provided to clients includes support costs, housing management charges, rent and other charges. For clients in receipt of Housing Benefit, you should expect to pay around £12.00 per week from your own income. This covers costs that are not eligible for Housing Benefit, including the costs of heating and lighting your room.