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Sarah’s hands are almost too cold to hold the phone, but she manages to dial the number anyway.


As it rings, she remembers: shouts; the sting of her mum’s anger on her face; the locked front door; the pit in her stomach as she heard – “she’s sixteen now, she’ll manage.” Sofas; unwashed clothes; cold nights in the car…


The ringing stops as her tears start.


“Hello?” She croaks.


“YMCA Doncaster here, how can we help?”




We will receive many calls like this this winter from young people facing nights in doorways, cars or public toilets. It’s a terrible fact that some young people in Doncaster will do this for months on end, struggling to find work or continue their education. Why? Because their abusive or overcrowded homes are no longer an option.


That’s why we’re committed to helping the young people of Doncaster all year round. Our 30 rooms, friendly community and one-to-one sessions have helped make the streets a distant memory for at least 45 young people in the last 12 months. And this year, we’ve also been excited to positively impact all the youth in our town with some new community activities.


We’re aiming big! We need your help to eradicate youth homelessness in Doncaster, become a vibrant youth centre at the heart of our town and make big changes in young lives – donate to our Big Christmas Give👇

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How can I give?

Anything you give will be funnelled into all our hard work to give struggling young people the step up in life they need.

(We’re particularly grateful for financial donations because, if you’re a taxpayer and sign up for gift aid, we get 25% from the government on top of whatever you give. That means your £10 is our £12.50!)


£10 could pay for a young person’s Christmas present


£30 could pay for a children’s art club session


£50 could pay for 10 emergency food parcels

Fancy setting yourself a physical challenge? Taking part in a marathon? Shaving your head?! Want to remember someone in a special way? Is it your birthday soon? These can all be great opportunities to start your own fundraiser!

All you have to do is click here to make one of your own with JustGiving and get people to sponsor you doing something fun or bold. It’s a great way to donate to our cause.

(Just tag us on social media and we’ll be with you all the way!)

🎶 “On the twelfth day of Christmas

Our good friends gave to us:

Twelve coloured crayons
Eleven porridge packets
Ten hoola-hoops
Nine Dettol sponges
Eight jars of sauce
Seven packs of pasta
Six pots of noodles
Five cleaning things
Four crosswords
Three ink pens
Two toiletries
And a packet of mac and cheese.” 🎶


Don’t worry, we definitely don’t want you to donate precisely eleven porridge packets or twelve crayons! But have a look at our Amazon Wishlist and see what practical gift you could give our young people this Christmas.



Click here to help a young person this winter:

give buttons (500 x 268 px) (800 x 268 px) (500 x 168 px)

If you’d prefer to send your donation by post, please click here for a donation form, enclose your donation and send to

YMCA Doncaster, Wood Street, Doncaster, DN1 3LH

Please make cheques payable to ‘Doncaster YMCA’.