Michael Power
Mike Power has served on the Board of YMCA Doncaster since 2008.

Born in South London, Mike moved around the country with his family due to his father’s career with the merchant navy. His first job was working in a bar in Liverpool .

“My first job gave me the confidence to deal with people in the real world. I don’t think I really got that experience when I was at school.”

He moved to Yorkshire almost 40 years ago, initially setting up home in York, to undertake his role as Transport Manager. In 1985 he moved to Doncaster and has been here ever since.

Mike is no stranger to serving as a Board Member, having previously served on other Boards. He has experience of working with charities and non charities alike. He currently serves as a Board Member for another smaller charity and became a Board Member here at YMCA Doncaster following his retirement:

“I retired from my job the year before I became a Board Member here. I was attracted to the role because the YMCA gives young people the background needed to give them a good start in life.

“I am interested in working as part of a team to develop YMCA Doncaster and help it to progress as an organisation. I am able to bring skills I have learned over time elsewhere to the role and put them to use for the charity’s benefit

“I am interested in helping to apply business mechanisms to charities so they become more self sufficient and therefore have a firmer basis on which to make progress.”

Mike holds great hope for the future of YMCA Doncaster:

“I hope that we can continue with the great services we provide for both supported accommodation in the hostel and also the private rented sector. Being aware of the changing needs of young people is key to being successful. I believe that we can grow as an organisation, but it is always challenging to develop a smaller charity into a larger one.”

In his spare time Mike enjoys travelling, with Germany and Italy being the places he frequents the most. He shares his passion for travelling with his wife and believes that’s what brought them together. He has travelled to many countries and has taken in the culture and traditions of places such as Indonesia and China. He firmly believes in the cliché that travel broadens the mind!

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