18 May 2020



It goes without saying that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all of our lives. Adjusting to lockdown, with some having to self isolate and shield, not to mention washing our hands vigorously whilst singing happy birthday, not once but twice!

For young people living in YMCA Doncaster’s supported accommodation it has been very strange and one of the worries for them, as for many other people living in lockdown, is the possibility of boredom setting in. Luckily our amazing staff have been on hand to continue support sessions with our young people, as well as providing resources to #BeatTheBoredom and keep our residents minds active.

Some of our young people have begun learning sign language online, others have taken up journaling and writing about their lockdown experience, as well as joining in with online exercising classes.

Weekly quizzes are a regular occurrence at our supported accommodation, along with baking challenges and crafting activities, from origami to chalk drawing. Easter Bunny even dropped by at Easter and left treats for all our young people (and staff too!).

If you’d like to contribute to the work we do in supporting young people who would otherwise be homeless, please see here.

All support sessions and activities are carried out with socially distancing measures firmly in place.