15 February 2016


With only a short time left to go until this year’s Sleep Easy event, those of you that have already registered are most likely collating your items to build your shelter, but have you thought about giving it a stamp of originality?

Although the required age for Sleep Easy participants this year is 18+ there are many ways to involve all the family on the run up to the event.

Perhaps your younger family members have shown an interest in your shelter building and wanted to help out in some way. Have you thought about involving them with the process by using their creative talents to customise your shelter?

Why not get your younger family members involved by having them colour in a YMCA Hat. These can then be used to decorate your shelter. Not only will it be a customised item, but they will feel part of the challenge too!

The Monks family, particularly Charlie and Anna, have already been hard at work decorating hats for their Aunt’s shelter and little Richie Clark has been getting creative with glitter for his hat.

As mentioned before this really is a way to involve the whole family, even if they are not able to take part in the event on the night. Everyone can get involved; from grandchildren to grandparents.

We would love to see who you get involved to decorate your shelters and what ideas they come up with.

Please do send us photos of your family and friends preparing decorations for your Sleep Easy shelter as well as the finished product and they may even feature on our website or social media pages.

You can send your pictures to us via email duty@doncasterymca.org.uk

We look forward to seeing them!

You can download your YMCA Hats for decorating here.

If you would like more information about Sleep Easy, please click here.