6 March 2020

Zoe writes about joining our staff team. This post is part of a series of thought-pieces loosely inspired by the music of our youth.

Babies are SO cute! My sister recently had a baby girl and – as biased as I may be – she is just adorable! She was also my inspiration for this blog. As I sat in my sisters’ house holding her as she slept, she overwhelmed me with the simplest of acts – she held my finger.

Now, whilst bursting into tears isn’t an unusual occurrence for me, the whole ordeal got me analysing why it had had such an affect on me, and more so, what it means to hold hands.

Holding hands is typically associated with romance, love and affection. However, holding hands is something that we do throughout our lives with different people and it symbolises many things such as protection, encouragement, comfort and support.

Unfortunately some young people do not have someone to hold their hand as they go through life, and instead have to struggle on their own.

That is why at YMCA Doncaster we offer a space to feel secure, respected, heard and valued.

We try our best to do this for everybody that we come into contact with, but especially for the vulnerable young people we work with – this is our way of “holding hands” with the most disadvantaged of Doncaster’s young people.

At YMCA Doncaster we are a small, friendly, team working in a variety of roles to help those who are less fortunate, with our biggest current project being our Supported Accommodation.

Our Supported Accommodation is designed to be somewhere that our young people can call home, whilst receiving the support they need to tackle the difficulties they face in the community as young people.

We welcome a variety of young people, all with different difficult backgrounds, and we offer a helping hand to get them back on their feet and become more independent.

Do you have what it takes to work either directly with young people, or provide the essential background services to enable YMCA Doncaster to hold young people’s hands through their difficult times and help them build themselves a better life?

If you think so, check out our website for our current job listings.

Whilst we welcome residents into a Supported Accommodation we also welcome our staff members into a supportive team.

If you are ready to join a team in which you will be valued, respected and supported and no two days will be the same, then YMCA Doncaster could be for you.