12 October 2020


Sam writes about loneliness during lockdown and what our residents have done to avoid this. This post is part of a series of thought-pieces loosely inspired by the music of our youth.

Loneliness can effect anyone for a number of different reasons. I think now more than ever in these uncertain times, we can find ourselves feeling isolated and unsure of the future. It can be difficult to maintain a sense of normality when everything is so different, but it’s important that we find different ways to adapt and enjoy our lives.

Although times are hard and we miss being able to go out in groups larger than six, it’s important that we stick to the government guidelines and keep everyone safe. If you’re feeling isolated the best medicine is to speak to someone about it, perhaps a friend, a family member or a mental health professional.

Having a trusted person to turn to in times of need is something only some of us are fortunate enough to have. Thankfully, now we have the internet and mobile phones that can help us to stay connected with people whether it be via Skype, Facebook or a phone call etc.

Our residents at YMCA Doncaster have been working hard to #BeatTheBoredom during lockdown whilst keeping things safe for everyone in our Supported Accommodation.

Our Keyworkers have been busy planning activities for our residents to keep themselves occupied whilst in lockdown. They’ve been playing bingo, learning fun dances, talking part in virtual quizzes and filling in activity books.

Our residents also had a great time sprucing up our car parking spots to keep their creativity flowing. We also held a Green Fingers event, teaching residents how to grow their own herbs! We have had competitions for the best origami flower and we’ve even had an egg hunt, so spirits have been kept high here at YMCA Doncaster.

Our Keyworkers have worked really hard over the pandemic and we are extremely grateful for the work that they do. They work so hard to provide our residents with the guidance and support that they need; they’re the best!

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