7 February 2020

For many years, our Great Northern nameplate has been on loan with Doncaster museum and has been part of a popular exhibit with visitors there.

The museum’s collections and displays will be relocating in the spring of 2020 and, sadly, the nameplate loan will end.

We understand that the nameplate is from locomotive 60113 Great Northern, fitted in August 1950. This was the first A3 Pacific locomotive built by Nigel Gresley at the Doncaster plant, in 1922. It was controversially rebuilt by Thomson in 1945 and fitted with large smoke deflectors. Re-classified as A1/1, it was the forerunner of Peppercorn’s A1 class. It spent much of its service at Doncaster, and was withdrawn in November 1962.

We would be very interested to hear from other organisations who might give a home to the nameplate where it can be securely displayed and available for a range of people to view.

That might be somewhere local to Doncaster, or somewhere further afield with connections to railway history and particularly the Great Northern’s route. We’re open to ideas.

The loan would be free of charge and for a term of five years or more. We would like to see an acknowledgement of it being on loan from YMCA Doncaster.

We would require the host organisation to organise and pay for transportation and insurance costs.

If you are interested in hosting the nameplate at your organisation, or know of somewhere that may be, please ask an appropriate decision-maker to email louise@ymcadoncaster.org.uk with their contact information and we’ll be in touch.

Please note that we have no current plans to offer the nameplate for sale and we are unable to respond to sale-related queries.