6 June 2017

This week (1st – 7th June) is National Volunteers’ Week. Although we thank our Volunteers on a daily basis, this week we really want to shout about how much we appreciate each and every one of them.

Whatever role our Volunteers take on with us, every moment they spend here contributes to improving some of Doncaster’s most difficult young lives.

Our work is led by our Board of Governors, and carried out by a small team of staff and volunteers who are a crucial part of YMCA Doncaster.

Over 40% of our team are Volunteers, they play an important role in the work we do; without them we wouldn’t be able to continue to deliver our service to support young lives in Doncaster.

What Do Our Volunteers Do?

Our Volunteers take on a wide range of roles to support young people and our Association. They include:

Board Members – who dedicate their time and experience to lead our work; focusing on policies and strategic plans of YMCA Doncaster, and ensuring that those are developing appropriately.

Charity Shop Volunteers – who are involved in the day to day running of the YMCA Charity Shop; helping out with customers, sorting donations as they come in, preparing clothing and furniture for sale, creating displays and lending a hand with collections and clearances.

Sleep Easy Participants – who take part in the annual YMCA sponsored sleep out that aims to raise awareness of homelessness and raise funds to support our work.

Last year we noticed that we had a rise in what we have dubbed “online volunteers”. This year they have increased even further. These volunteers are those that share our social media posts on their own pages and amongst their family and friends. Those that help to promote us online are valuable as it enables information about our services get to even more people.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Many people of all ages, talents and skills give their time to us and here is the difference they make:

• Sleep Easy participants raised over £5,000 in March 2017. These funds will go directly to the work we do with vulnerable Young People in providing support with finding a home and leading a responsible adult life.

• Board Members make the lives of Young People better by providing support to our staff team in terms of strategic planning and policy development that aim to make a safe and welcoming environment for our resident clients to live.

• Volunteers allow us to run our Charity Shop successfully; with every penny raised going directly to support our work with young people in Doncaster.

• Volunteers bring a fresh perspective and energy to our work. Their motivation to support us makes them committed and valuable members of the team.

How Can People Get Involved With Our Work?

There are many opportunities for people to get involved in our work, on a volunteer basis. For more information please click here.

If you would personally like to thank one of our volunteers, please let us know by emailing duty@doncasterymca.org.uk