16 November 2016

Here at YMCA Doncaster we are known for our work providing Supported Accommodation for young people aged 16-30.

We have many success stories of young people who have received support from us and have managed to rebuild their lives. We have shared a number of these stories on our website.

Many of our young people return, often years after having left our accommodation, to update us on how much their lives have changed for the better and what they are getting up to now. It’s great to hear from them. It’s heart warming and it’s the reason we do the work we do.

Although we work directly with young people aged 16-30, it seems that our work can touch the lives of anyone at any age, in a way that we wouldn’t necessarily expect it to.

A few months ago, a beautiful little prom dress arrived in our Charity Shop. It was so nice that we shared a picture of it on our Facebook page to let people know it was available to buy. No sooner had the picture appeared on Social Media we received a message enquiring about it.

The message was from a teacher at a primary school in the Doncaster borough, who explained she was enquiring about the dress for a student of hers, a 12 year old girl.

The school was set to hold a prom for the final year students and the young girl longed to attend, but her hectic family life would prevent her from doing so.

The teacher explained that the young girl had experienced so much upheaval in her life, but had still managed to maintain a smile. It would be a shame for her to miss the prom when she had worked so hard to keep up with her school work.

The teacher wanted to purchase the dress for the young girl, so that she could attend the prom in something worthy of the occasion and enjoy herself without worry.

The teacher did purchase the dress, and we sent her off with the hope that the young girl would get to attend the prom.

A few months on and the teacher has been in touch with us to say the prom was a success. The dress fitted the young girl beautifully. She attended the prom with a huge smile on her face and danced all night. She said that she felt like a princess at a ball.

It was great to hear this news and we all had huge smiles on our faces thinking about the good memories we had played a part in creating for that young girl.

It’s so nice to receive feedback from those whose lives we have touched. It makes us all the more determined to carry on the work we do to support young people in Doncaster.

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