20 October 2020

Sam writes about our Supported Accommodation and what we offer to the young people who live here at YMCA Doncaster. This post is part of a series of thought-pieces loosely inspired by the music of our youth.


Some might say that here at YMCA Doncaster we have a charity shop and that’s all they know of, but that isn’t the case.

So, what exactly is YMCA Doncaster? We’re a completely independent charity who offer accommodation and Keywork sessions to 30 homeless young people age 16-30. Not only do we run our Supported Accommodation but we also have a Charity Shop and Community Centre (that are sadly closed at the moment due to COVID-19).

We’re a small, friendly team of around 20 people working very hard to give the struggling young people of Doncaster the support and advice that they need.

Take a moment to think about the times you’ve required some important advice. Who has been your go-to person? Perhaps a parent, a friend, a teacher, a therapist or another family member. Getting advice from someone that you trust can really make a difference to any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. Perhaps to speak about your feelings, to have a little rant or to ask for some solid advice on how to handle your situation.

Not every person has the privilege of having someone to speak to about their struggles, in fact a lot of people don’t. Here at YMCA Doncaster a lot of our clients lack a strong support system, so we’re here to give them the guidance that they need.

Young people seem to be struggling more than ever and that’s no surprise during these difficult times. When it comes to learning life skills, there’s not a great deal we are taught in school and not every person is fortunate enough to make it through education. Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds don’t always have someone to help them learn things that you might see as a basic life skill. So we’re here to give them a helping hand and point them in the right direction.

Here at YMCA Doncaster in our weekly 1:1 Keywork sessions, we speak to our clients about their lives and their experiences. During this process, we learn the struggles they have faced in life and find the areas that they want to work on. We devote our time to finding sources that might help the individual and ways that we can point them in the right direction.

We set SMART goals; long term and short term, so whilst a client’s long term goal might be to move on, we break that goal down to figure out the areas we need to work on so that moving on is sustainable for that client.

We can teach our clients money management, and we can make them aware of the bills that they will need to pay when they move out. We can show clients how to make meals, how to clean and how to budget for food shopping; all very important life skills. So when the time comes that they feel they are ready to move on, they have themselves feeling prepared and confident in anything that they didn’t before.

We have so many success stories here at YMCA Doncaster and without your donations, we wouldn’t be able to do the life-changing work that we do. Thank you.

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