29 September 2020

Bryony writes about our Supported Accommodation. This post is part of a series of thought-pieces loosely inspired by the music of our youth.

‘Oh, I didn’t know you had accommodation, I thought it was just a charity shop’, is one of the most frequent phrases we hear at YMCA Doncaster, but in reality, the Supported Accommodation is key to the work we do. Our housing gives those who live here the boost they need to be able to do and accomplish whatever they wish.

We have self-catered accommodation for 30 of Doncaster’s young people aged 16-30. Each room has a fully furnished bedroom and a kitchen area, so those living with us can begin to build the skills they need to move on to living independently. The top floor of the accommodation building also has what we call the ‘Penthouse’, which has a shared kitchen to allow residents to get accustomed to living with other people.

We believe that everyone has a right to safe and secure accommodation and at YMCA Doncaster we are really proud that we can offer this to the people who need it the most.

Young people who have experienced living here will know just how life-changing the Supported Accommodation can be, from learning how to cook and do laundry to balancing a budget and paying rent. Whilst these skills are important however, most of our residents will treasure the friendships made within accommodation much more than anything else.

Ella was a resident at the YMCA (read her story here), a friend who already lived here suggested that she applied so she did. Ella loved her time here, living in both the normal accommodation and in the ‘Penthouse’. Ella and her friend decided that when it was time to leave the Supported Accommodation they wanted to continue living together. They both used the skills and techniques they’d learned through their weekly keywork sessions to find a suitable property and get everything they needed to make it a home.

It is clear to see that living with us – alongside the wide range of other services we offer to residents – is invaluable in teaching those young people what it can be like to live independently, whether that be on their own, or with a friend. The Supported Accommodation offers a safe space and an escape from sometimes toxic situations, which allows residents to open up more in keywork sessions to really work on being the best version of themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about our supported accommodation or apply for a place, then head to the accommodation section of this website.

As always we would like to say a big thank you for all your continued support.