20 May 2016


Sitting down with a good book seems to be a pass time young people rarely engage with today. A National Literacy Trust report from 2015 shows young people spend almost twice as much time reading online than they do reading printed books.

It would seem the cost of books also plays a part in young people reading less as they can be expensive compared to information which can be obtained from the internet relatively free.

However, reading books is becoming more of a culture amongst the young people of YMCA Doncaster. This follows a recent donation of books from Re-Read and a visit in April from Janis of Doncaster Libraries, who gifted books to our young people in celebration of World Book Night.

Speaking to young people who use our building it became evident that cost was indeed a factor in choosing not to read as Luke states:

“I’ve always bought my books rather than borrowed them, but I can’t afford to just now, so I haven’t read anything in a while.”

Several resident clients have started an internal library for the Supported Accommodation to enable each other to share books, with one resident client facilitating the library to ensure books are returned.

Olivia Burton, Deputy Chief Executive states “I think the library is a great idea. It means every resident client has access to books and it’s creating a real sense of community as it develops a common interest when they can discuss books they have all read.”

Chris, a resident client, admits reading isn’t an activity he would have chosen until the recent book events at YMCA Doncaster:

“Books don’t usually interest me, but I saw the library and the World Book Night event and I thought I would give it a go. So I’ve borrowed a book and I’m going to try it.”

Apparently reading is extremely good for your health. The Reading Agency states “Reading for pleasure can result in increased empathy, improved relationships with others, reductions in the symptoms of depression and dementia, and improved wellbeing.”

With the above statement in mind, long may our clients new found love of reading last!

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