16 August 2021

We have had the best time testing out some great new activities for children and young people. Thank you to everyone who has joined in and helped us find our sparkle again.

Our Take Part in Art term-time sessions were hugely popular, and we loved creating some great pieces of art with you.

We hope that, one day not too far away, we will be able to invite everyone to take part in a real-life gallery.  For now, our ‘virtual gallery’ includes some of our favourite moments and makes.

Our Take Part in Art pilot project was partly funded by a contribution from Yorkshire Building Society, following research with local children, young people and parents about how we might help everyone during and after the pandemic.

Over 60 children and young people from across Doncaster took part.

Due to the pandemic, most sessions were held in small groups and a small number took place online.  All of the sessions were free to join, with many of them having waiting lists.

Whilst we were making and creating, our young artists also developed friendships, grew in confidence and plucked up the courage to start something new – quite a big thing after over a year of lockdowns and restrictions.

For information on current and upcoming activities, please click here for our activities page.